Wimbish Football Scholarship established at Chowan University

Published 11:20 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

By Amanda Bradshaw Sharpe
University Relations


MURFREESBORO – The Carlyle R. Wimbish, Jr. Football Scholarship Endowment Fund has been established at Chowan University.

The endowment was initiated in 2016 by Carlyle R. Wimbish, Jr. to benefit his alma mater, Chowan University, and in grateful appreciation for the education and nurturing he received while attending. Wimbish is committed to christian higher education and the values held by Chowan University.

Wimbish, a 1958 Chowan University alumnus, became Chowan’s first Alumni Director in 1968, providing him with experience raising money for the University.

Carlyle Wimbish, Jr. (left) is shown with Chowan University President Dr. Christopher White. | Contributed Photo

“It is nice to be on the giving end,” he shared as he discussed why he chose to give to Chowan, and shared stories of his fond memories on campus.

While a student at Chowan, Wimbish received an Athletic Scholarship for the 1956 and 1957 seasons.

“Someone asked me why did I do this? I told them, ‘Why not?’ Chowan did a lot for me as a student and does a lot for a lot of students,” he stated. “Maybe what I do will help someone else who probably couldn’t have gone to school.”

Had it not been for his football scholarship, Wimbish would not have been able to attend Chowan.

Wimbish has observed the incredible growth and transformation under President Chris White’s leadership, stating, “Nothing but positive things have happened since Dr. White has been president. I am happy to give to something that is positive.”

He currently resides in South Boston, VA with his wife Jo. Wimbish serves Chowan as a member of the Board of Visitors and as a member of the Alumni Council. He is also extremely active in other volunteer positions to include President of Halifax County/South Boston Sports Hall of Fame, Virginia and National Travelers Protective Association (TPA) board of Directors, First Baptist Church Council and Chair of Finance Committee, President of Halifax County Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association and the Hokie Club, to only name a few.

Wimbish believes in the philosophy, “a person needs to retire to something not from something.” While he has always been involved in civic functions, upon retirement he had more time to increase his involvement.

Wimbish says if he and his wife can give a scholarship, anyone can. As professional educators, their gift was a personal financial sacrifice- one that they were happy to make.

“My life has been about helping others, not about me,” he shared. “We hope that our gift inspires others to give back to those causes they are passionate about.”

The Carlyle R. Wimbish, Jr. Football Scholarship Endowment Fund will provide financial assistance to a worthy student athlete playing on Chowan’s football team. It will be permanently endowed with only the annual interest available for scholarship awards.

Scholarship recipients of the Carlyle Wimbish, Jr. Football Scholarship will be selected by the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee of Chowan University in conjunction with the head football coach. Although formalized in 2016, the fund is open ended, and additional contributions can be made by Carlyle Wimbish, Jr. and/or other interested individuals.

For more information regarding the Carlyle Wimbish, Jr. Football Scholarship Endowment Fund, please contact John Tayloe, Vice President for Development at Chowan University, by email tayloj1@chowan.edu or phone (252) 398-1232.