Two choices, and neither leads to death

Published 11:08 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

To the Editor:

The Northampton County Citizens Against Coal Ash (NCCACA) claims that their primary goal is to properly educate and inform the people of Northampton County about the risks associated with a CCR storage and recycling facility.

The truth is the NCCACA is less concerned with education and more concerned with pushing their own agenda, an agenda based off fear and propaganda. The group claims to have the counties best interest at heart, unfortunately this does not appear to be the case.

In an article written by NCCACA member Wanda Flythe, published on 5/23/17, numerous comparisons were raised between the VistaGreen project and the influence of the Nazis over Germany. First and foremost, this is offensive! VistaGreen is a minority owned family business trying to solve an environmental issue plaguing our state.

Interestingly enough, the Nazi regime had the people of Germany believe that their only two choices were to join the Nazi cause, or face hardship and death. It seems to be an eerily similar tactic actually used by the NCCACA, “join our cause or you will face hardship and death”. Fortunately for all the people living in Northampton County, you have an option of two choices, and neither one leads to death.

The NCCACA expresses concern for the protection of local natural resources. They guarantee that air, land, and water in the county will suffer with no hope or consequence if the VistaGreen project is approved. This tactic, used by the NCCACA, makes people feel that they will be powerless over their environment if this project is approved and permitted.

On the contrary, there is a governmental system of regulation and enforcement to make sure the power remains in the people’s hands when dealing with CCR disposal. Three separate environmental authorities will have access to VistaGreen HBP for inspection at any time they choose. These environmental authorities include a Northampton County Inspector, the NC DEQ, and the EPA.

Groundwater testing results throughout operation and closure of VistaGreen High Bridge Park will be made available to the public online, in accordance with EPA rules concerning regulated CCR disposal. The public will stay informed and continue to maintain control over the well being of Northampton County’s natural resources.

Knowledge is power, and the Northampton citizens will always posses the knowledge of site monitoring results. Do not allow the NCACCA to make you feel powerless. The NCCACA, if successful, will only perpetuate the economic status quo in Northampton County. VistaGreen will bring opportunities and improvements to the county and local communities through annual host fees, the community grant fund, jobs created, small business growth, and improved county infrastructure.

What does the NCCACA offer to improve and move Northampton County into the future?

Fletcher Beasley