Show and Sale

Published 11:09 am Monday, June 19, 2017

MURFREESBORO – Despite the mid-June heat, a crowd of people came out to support the children and teenagers who participated in this year’s Hertford-Northampton 4-H Livestock Show and Sale. The annual event, celebrating its 35th year, took place on Wednesday, June 14.

Competitors ranging from ages 9 to 18 showed their animals in a variety of different categories.

Showmanship competitors, divided into senior and junior categories, were judged based on how well they exhibit their animal and also their knowledge of it.

Market competitors—usually divided into lightweight, middleweight, or heavyweight classes—are judged on the size and development of their animals and how ready they are for market. Grand and Reserve Champions are named from the Market Class competitors.

Children between the ages of 5 to 8 years old were able to show their animals in the noncompetitive Junior Achiever category.

One portion of Wednesday’s annual Livestock Show in Murfreesboro afforded youngsters (ages 5-8) the opportunity to show their animals in the noncompetitive Junior Achiever category.

The 4-H participants, who came from both Northampton and Hertford counties, raised animals in five different categories: lamb, swine, steer, heifer, and goat.

This year’s judge was Billy Lewis from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Livestock Marketing Division.

“My opinion matters today, not yours,” Lewis joked with the crowd early on in the competition, but also kindly gave advice and praise to all the participants in each contest.

The winners in each category are as follows:


Lamb, Junior Showmanship

1st place: Anashia Harris (Northampton County)

2nd place: Priscilla Daughtry (Northampton County)


Lamb, Senior Showmanship

1st place: Brittany Vandiford (Northampton County)

2nd place: Brooke Vann (Northampton County)


Lamb, Market Class

Grand Champion: Anashia Harris

Reserve Champion: Brittany Vandiford


Swine, Junior Showmanship

1st place: Kathryn Long (Northampton County)

2nd place: Isaiah Harris (Northampton County)

3rd place: Kiersten Flythe (Northampton County)

4th place: Nashia Harris (Northampton County)

5th place: Emalee Jones (Northampton County)

6th place: Savannah Martin (Northampton County)


Swine, Senior Showmanship

1st place: Omoni Harris (Northampton County)

2nd place: Justin Jones (Northampton County)

3rd place: Shannon Harris (Northampton County)


Swine, Market Class

Grand Champion: Emalee Jones

Reserve Champion: Isaiah Harris

2nd place heavyweight: Kathryn Long

1st place middleweight: Omoni Harris

2nd place lightweight: Nashia Harris


Steer, Senior Showmanship

1st place: Gregory Harris (Northampton County)


Steer, Junior Showmanship

1st place: Josiah Harris (Northampton County)


Steer, Market Class

Grand Champion: Gregory Harris

Reserve Champion: Josiah Harris


Heifer, Senior Showmanship

1st place: Brittany Vandiford


Heifer, Market Class

Grand Champion: Brittany Vandiford


Goat, Junior Showmanship

1st place: Haley Lassiter (Hertford County)

2nd place: Jadon Simmons (Northampton County)

3rd place: Wyatt Reece (Northampton County)

4th place: Mackenzie Beauvais (Hertford County)

5th place: Kadence Joyner (Northampton County)

6th place: Finton Lassiter (Hertford County)

7th place: Hunter Martin (Northampton County)


Goat, Market Class

Grand Champion: Wyatt Reece

Reserve Champion: Hunter Martin

2nd place lightweight: Haley Lassiter

2nd place heavyweight: Kadence Joyner


In the evening after the competition, the Grand and Reserve Champion animals are auctioned off and the proceeds go to the 4-H participants.

Anashia Harris’ Grand Champion lamb was bought by Rich & Rich Auctioneers, while Brittany Vandiford’s Reserve Champion lamb was purchased by Lassiter Family Farm, Newsome Farms, and Futrell Pharmacy.

Producer’s Gin bought Emalee Jones’ Grand Champion swine. Isaiah Harris’ Reserve Champ swine went to Northampton Co Farm Bureau, NC Farm Bureau Insurance Federation, and Gay Implement.

The Grand Champion steer presented by Gregory Harris was purchased by Murfreesboro Farms, while Josiah Harris’ Reserve Champion was bought by Northampton Co Farm Bureau, NC Farm Bureau Insurance Federation, and Gay Implement.

Rich & Rich Auctioneers and Temple Farm Herefords bought Brittany Vandiford’s Grand Champion heifer.

The Grand Champion goat raised by Wyatt Reece went to Northampton Co Farm Bureau and NC Farm Bureau Insurance Federation, while Hunter Martin’s Reserve Champion goat was bought by Northampton Co Farm Bureau, NC Farm Bureau Insurance Federation, and Gay Implement.

The Bill Bridgers’ 4-H Scholarship was also awarded that evening to a senior participant planning to enroll in education beyond high school. This year’s recipient was Shannon Harris of Conway who is currently enrolled to attend Wilson Community College.