Danger lies beneath political correctness

Published 1:56 pm Tuesday, June 13, 2017

To the Editor:

The term political correctness is being tossed about these days!

Just what is political correctness? To some it is a way of describing something with less emotional terms. To others it is a way to saying something that would in time change individual’s outlook on the topic being described. To others it is a way of not focusing on the facts or truth that surrounds the item being described.

Political correctness isn’t a new phenomenon it has been around for decades. Politicians have used political correctness as a way to avoid discussing the difficult subjects by phrasing them in different terms or different words.

Today, political correctness has transplanted itself from the political arena into organizations and groups outside of politics. These groups and organizations are using political correctness much the same way politicians have used it for centuries. They are hiding their true agenda by presenting difficult topics in terms they feel are more palatable to the citizenry.

The use of political correctness is having a major impact on the society of the United States. Because of the use of political correctness, many of the uneducated and ill-informed are confused. Our politicians, outside groups, and organizations are hiding the true condition of our economy, our government and our country. Rather than identifying the situation in plain language for the citizenry, they are using non-descriptive terms to describe potential dangerous situations!

Political correctness has migrated from the political arena to the public arena. The use of political correctness is becoming dangerous. If you cannot describe something in plain language for the common everyday citizen then don’t confuse them with the gobbledygook of political correctness!

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount