CPTA hikes rates

Published 10:40 am Monday, June 12, 2017

JACKSON – Choanoke Public Transportation Authority (CPTA), based in Northampton County, is raising their rates for the first time in two years. This information was presented by Northampton Department of Social Services Director Shelia Manley-Evans to the county commissioners during their regular board meeting on June 5.

CPTA is the only public transportation currently available in the county.

For medical trips, the new rate is $13.02 per one way trip, up 74 cents from the previous $12.28 per one way trip. For medical trips outside of Northampton County, the rate will be $19.68 per one way trip.

Dialysis transportation rates will increase from the previous $10.50 to $13.02, a difference of $2.52.

People seeking transportation for jobs and Workfirst participants will have to pay $11.13 per one way trip. The county has set aside a total of $3,022.25 per month in their budget to help pay transportation costs for Workfirst participants.

These rates will go into effect on July 1.

Although the commissioners voted to approve the CPTA rate increase, Manley-Evans stated that she’s been in contact with two other companies who may also want to provide transportation in Northampton County. The commissioners asked that she continue to look into those other options as well.