N’hampton Paramedic receives regional scholarship

Published 11:15 am Monday, June 5, 2017

JACKSON – Brandon Rose, a Northampton County paramedic, was recently the recipient of a scholarship from the North Carolina Association of Rescue and EMS.

The scholarship will help Rose pay tuition for an Associate’s Degree in Emergency Medical Science. He plans to obtain the two-year degree from Roanoke Chowan Community College.

“It’s a highly competitive scholarship,” said Paul Nowell, EMS Supervisor for the county.


Only two people per region are selected to receive the scholarship, and Northampton County is part of a 10 county region. The scholarship is open to applicants who are either current members of rescue squads and EMS in the state or children of eligible members.

Rose said he applied for the scholarship after Nowell suggested it to him. He explained that the Emergency Medical Science degree is a new program offered by the local community college, and he wanted to earn that degree now just in case it becomes mandatory for paramedics in the future.

Rose, who is an assistant supervisor for his shift, has been working as a paramedic with Northampton County for the past five years.

“He’s a very good paramedic,” said Nowell. “We’re very pleased with his work.”

According to their website, the Association’s Awards Program provides $975,000 in scholarships throughout North Carolina each year. Recipients are chosen based on scholastic achievement, intellectual ability, financial need, character, and promise of future contribution to North Carolina.