Happy Mother’s Day

Published 10:30 am Thursday, May 11, 2017

To the Editor:

With Mother’s Day here, I have thoughts that I’d like to share, memories of Hazel S. Brett, my mother.

Mama or Nana (as we call her) was born during World War I. She was a natural leader although she was the youngest girl in her family, which had nine children. She helped to take care of the baby, Thomas. As an adult, Hazel was an organizer, a teacher, a dreamer, a good wife, a good mother, a wonderful grandmother, and a great kindergarten teacher.

Nana, the name our son and daughter gave her, had many talents, and she happily shared all of them. When I think of her, certain thoughts quickly pop into my mind: her joy when working outdoors in her flowers, her genuine laughter, her love for little children, and her love for our church, Ahoskie Methodist.

The Reverend Bob Poulk called her car a holy car because she drove so many elderly people wherever they needed to go. Also, when I was a young school girl, my mother became the Girl Scout leader in Ahoskie because she wanted my friends and many others to have the opportunity to be Girl Scouts.

She was a natural leader, one who inspired others and put into play circumstances that helped us to learn and to grow. Many of us still remember our walk to the Ahoskie fire tower out in the country, a one-way hike. Later, mothers and fathers picked us up and drove us to our homes.

Then a few years later my mother had the Ahoskie Methodist Kindergarten. For years, she taught in the Methodist Church and saw those little ones grow up. During her last few years, she taught her grandchildren, Noel and April.

My mother was a dedicated church member and an active member of the Methodist Women’s Society of Christian Service. Whenever there was a local need, she was faithful and helpful. Just like most mothers and grandmothers, she has left us many wonderful memories and has influenced out lives so much.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers!

Carolyn B. Mitchell