Truth needs to emerge

Published 12:03 pm Monday, May 1, 2017

To the Editor:

At the Wednesday, April 26 meeting of the Murfreesboro Town Council, Mayor Pro Tem Sarah Wallace accused “someone” of going into the African-American community and scandalizing her name by saying “she is a racist” because she voted to appoint Fredrick Heckler, a Republican Caucasian male, to complete the term of John Porter, a Democrat African-American male, for Mr. Porter’s vacant seat on the Murfreesboro Town Council.

Mr. Heckler’s appointment led to an all Caucasian Town Council in what is a predominately all African-American community.

Due to the race card being played at Wednesday’s Town Council meeting, I am of the opinion that Mrs. Wallace needs to vindicate those who have not scandalized her name within the local African-American community.

I met with Murfreesboro Town Administrator Carolyn Brown and addressed this issue. I requested to address this issue in a public environment with Sarah Wallace at the next Town Council meeting.

I am of the opinion that Mrs. Wallace needs to inform the public of the identity of the person that scandalized her name. I am also of the opinion if there is no name revealed, Mrs. Wallace needs to offer an apology to the public and needs to be reprimanded by the Murfreesboro Town Council. The Town Council should not allow that type of behavior.

Yes, some African-American residents of Murfreesboro are unhappy with the appointment. However, I do not believe anyone within the African-American community verbally slandered Mrs. Wallace.

I am the President of the African-American Caucus of the Hertford County – North Carolina Democratic Party, and one of the missions within our By-Laws is to serve the African-American communities of our county. I am in those communities and I have not heard anything about Sarah Wallace being a racist. Now I’m receiving calls about her remarks at Wednesday’s Town Council meeting. People as asking me, “Who said it?”

The African-American community understands the seat is bi-partisan, and that the Murfreesboro Town Council has the right to appoint any candidate of their choice.

I am waiting for the truth to be revealed.

Kim Castle