Commissioners propose ideas

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, April 11, 2017

JACKSON – Members of the Northampton County Commissioner Board contributed comments at the end of their regularly scheduled meeting on April 3. Comments covered a variety of topics, including recreation in the county.

Commissioner Geneva Faulkner brought up concerns about available recreation activities for the children in the county, mentioning that kids will be out of school for spring and summer break soon and would need more options to occupy their time.

Faulkner requested an update on any plans to work with the Recreation Department. She expressed a desire to see programs expand beyond Jackson to the rest of the county.

Board Chairman Robert Carter added that funding transportation programs could help children access county recreation facilities in Jackson.

Commissioner Charles Tyner agreed with the suggestions to improve recreational offerings for the county’s children by working with the Recreation Department. Tyner’s additional comments included a request to survey the residents who aren’t on the county water system to gather more information about the topic. He also mentioned that he wanted to look into what needed to be cut during the upcoming budget discussion, so that county taxes could potentially be lowered.

County NAACP president Tony Burnette, who attended the commissioner meeting, said afterwards that he agreed with the commissioners’ statements about expanding recreation opportunities.

“I feel this would be a wonderful idea for the children. It’s crucial to give young people something to do on breaks,” he said.

Burnette added that he also agreed with Commissioner Tyner’s statements about potentially cutting taxes for the citizens.