Power to the lefties

Published 10:20 am Monday, March 27, 2017

To the Editor:

I enjoy your editorials and I enjoy Frank Robert’s articles. I used to read Frank’s articles in the Virginian Pilot, and I especially enjoyed both articles last week.

Since I was six years old I played the piano in church and later I started playing the organ when I was in the eighth grade. Then when I turned sixty I was hit with macular degeneration and can no longer read the notes. I am writing this with the wonderful magnifying machine that Barbara Umphlett gave me after her father passed away.

The article about left-handed people was amusing and very informative. You see I have a left-handed daughter (to whom I sent the article) and a left-handed sister who gets the Index.

An amusing thing happened at a teacher’s meeting back in the 60’s. One first grade teacher said that we should teach left-handed children to write with their right hands because left-handed people had a tendency to be slow. A stupid remark!

The superintendent of schools in Suffolk at that time, Mr. Bill Savage, spoke up and said, “I guess that’s why I’ve been slow all my life.” Needless to say, she looked as if she wished the floor would open up and swallow her.

I also really enjoyed your article some time back about Mary Lee Taylor, my friend since first grade and my college roommate.

A lot of us enjoy Billy Presley’s articles.

Keep up the good work!

Novella Spivey

Gates County