Two-county chase ends with arrests

Published 10:17 am Monday, March 20, 2017

WINDSOR – Three suspects are in custody after a two-county high-speed chase ended without incident on US-17 east of Windsor Friday afternoon.

Circumstances of what led to the chase were unclear as of press-time, and the names of the suspects have not been released.

According to Bertie County Sheriff John Holley, the pursuit began in Edenton following an as-yet-undetermined incident where firearms were involved.

There was speculation – though it was unconfirmed – that the incident in which the suspects were allegedly involved in actually began Thursday evening; and, a green SUV was identified.

Sometime after noon on Friday, a similar vehicle was spotted in the Edenton town limits and Edenton P.D. attempted to pull it over for questioning. The vehicle was occupied by three African-American subjects and did not stop when requested, but instead sped up and the chase began.

Holley says in information he received the vehicle then took off at a high rate of speed, zooming through Edenton at speeds exceeding the posted speed limits. At some point the vehicle left the town limits and made its way onto Highway 17 headed west.

At some point Chowan County Sheriff’s vehicles and members of the North Carolina Highway Patrol joined the pursuit as it approached the Chowan River Bridge. As the SUV made its way onto the bridge, someone observed a firearm being thrown from the vehicle onto the bridge. Holley would not confirm whether this weapon had been later retrieved.

Meanwhile, Bertie County patrol units joined the chase once it crossed the county line, and the chase continued on US 17.

“I wanted (the vehicle) stopped before it reached the Windsor town limits and innocent people might be involved” said Holley afterward.

The SUV was soon surrounded by law enforcement vehicles, and in one unit Sheriff Holley and BCSO Deputy Richard Oliver pulled ahead of the chase and slowed their speed in front of the SUV until it came to a complete stop and the suspects surrendered to authorities and were taken into custody without incident at approximately 3:25 p.m.

In all, Holley said 14 patrol units were involved in the chase: six from the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office; two with Chowan County S.O.; three from Edenton Police Department; and, three with the Highway Patrol.

Holley said the suspects will be charged with failure to stop for siren in Bertie County, but he could not comment on what other charges might still be pending.

“I want to thank all my officers – and all officers involved in this situation – for their professionalism,” said Holley. “It allowed this to end without incident.”

The suspects were reportedly transported back to Chowan County to the town of Edenton as of late Friday afternoon.

Holley said there may be other charges, and that an investigation was still ongoing.