PAWS Kibbles: Lend a helping paw

Published 10:37 am Friday, March 17, 2017

By Libby Whitaker


It has been almost a year since my first Kibbles submission, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Rabbit Ears.” I was very grateful to be given an opportunity to use my somewhat unique sense of humor to share some preventative words about accidental poisoning of pets with chocolate candy and other toxins.

Although I have not been able to contribute as often as I would have liked recently, I still value and continue to support PAWS of Hertford County. As an animal-lover, I find constant inspiration in this organization’s commitment to saving homeless pets in distress by providing medical care, spaying and neutering, and finding loving, forever homes.

Adopting or fostering a pet, volunteering for PAWS, or participating in events such as the spring auction can help save the lives of pets like these three cats (top to bottom: Sam, Murphy, and Melina) waiting for their “forever” homes. | Contributed Photo

In 2016, PAWS took in 240 homeless cats and brokered 197 adoptions, no small feat for an organization that operates with an all-volunteer staff. And although PAWS does a great job of sheltering cats and dogs and helping them find forever homes, they also regularly sponsor programs that provide vaccinations and spay/neuter services at reduced rates, thus helping keep those lucky pets who already have a family happy and healthy.

As I reminisce about recent highlights, I fondly remember the Hertford County resident who, although on a fixed income, made three trips to the PAWS Rabies Clinic so she could have her eleven pets vaccinated at a deeply discounted cost. At that same outreach event, two feline siblings were signed up for the low-cost spay and neuter program. Now neither brother will be able to “step out” and father countless numbers of homeless kittens.

In January 2017, Murfreesboro residents Ms. Marcia Deans and her grandson, Sincere, were the year’s first family to adopt one of the PAWS of Hertford County’s adorable pets. Their fashionably elegant fur baby is a black cat named Quina. Kudos are also in order for the Deans family for choosing to provide a home for an adult cat since older cats are often overlooked in favor of a kitten.

February was PAWS Membership Month, emphasizing the continued need for donations and membership dues to fulfill the organization’s mission to care for unwanted dogs and cats in Hertford County. The Annual PAWS Spring Auction will be held on Facebook between March 19 and 30 this year. Be sure to go to PAWS of Hertford County’s Facebook page to join in the fun while helping to raise funding which PAWS uses to care for our many precious furry friends.

Please consider becoming a member of PAWS to support this vital work by visiting our website and completing a membership form. Depending on your interest, you can join as an Active Member, Friend of PAWS, or Student Member. If you would prefer to take a more active role, volunteering your time would be an extremely important contribution to the day-to-day operations at PAWS. Complete details about membership, volunteer opportunities, or the spring auction can be found by contacting PAWS of Hertford County at 252-642-7297 or visiting