“All In” for the safety of HCPS

Published 10:45 am Friday, March 17, 2017

The growing trend of violence, suicide and other crisis in schools across America is becoming not an occasional occurrence but rather an everyday reality. Therefore, in response to this growing societal trend, Hertford County Public Schools is being proactive by collaborating with local law enforcement and community agencies to examine, discuss, and consider practices and protocols to promote and facilitate safety for the schools and the community should a crisis arise.

Dee Biggers, Hertford County Public Schools Student Services Coordinator, organized a panel of local law enforcement officials from the following agencies: Chief Darrell Rowe-Murfreesboro Police Department, Sheriff Dexter Hayes-Hertford County Sheriff Office, Chief Troy Fitzhugh-Ahoskie Police Department, Brunet Parker, Public Relations Director for Hertford County Schools, and Mr. Ford and Lt Williams of Hertford County High School. The participants engaged in a robust and informative panel discussion on crisis intervention options within the school district. Some of the key discussion topics included: reactions to bomb threats, active shooters on the campus and school evacuations. Additionally, the law enforcement representatives discussed their various roles when a crisis occurs in the schools, how their roles differ, and how their agencies integrate and interact with one another, school officials, and the community at large. The panelists also reviewed current Hertford County Public Schools District protocols and policies and suggested new methods to improve or amend current practices.

Biggers hopes that this meeting of local law enforcement officials will serve as a springboard for additional focused meetings, mock drills and efficient ways to handle crisis situations in the schools.

This initial meeting is the launch of ongoing dialog with law enforcement which will result in a collaborative partnership “All In” for the good of the community and the district.