Colerain business robbed at gunpoint

Published 10:07 am Tuesday, December 20, 2016

COLERAIN – The Bertie County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s help with information regarding an armed robbery of a variety store that occurred here Saturday night.

Sheriff John Holley said his office received a call at 9:05 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 17, and two units – including the sheriff himself – responded at 9:13 to a report of a robbery at the Family Dollar store located at 210 So. Main St. in Colerain on Hwy NC 45 South.

According to Holley, three suspects, all wearing toboggans and bandanas, entered the store shortly before 9 p.m. as the cashier was waiting on an elderly female patron at the register.

“The trio was brandishing weapons, but did not utter a sound as they pointed their guns at the cashier and motioned toward the register,” said Holley.

The cashier complied, surrendered the store receipts, and an undetermined amount of cash was taken.

Meanwhile, the female patron, who had basically ignored the proceedings, tried to make her way to the store’s front door.

However, one of the thieves accosted her and as he attempted to snatch the woman’s pocketbook a struggle ensued between the two, the Sheriff said.

Holley stated that the woman fought valiantly to hold onto her property, but the thieves violently pushed her to the floor between the store’s twin exit doors.  The robbers made one last successful grab for the purse and all three suspects then quickly exited the store and fled on foot.

In the meantime, the cashier then called out to a co-worker who had been in the back storage area of the store, and she immediately dialed 911.

Holley said the suspects are described as three black males – two with a slightly-built thin frame; and a third of medium build.  Their faces were obscured by the toboggans and bandanas.

Other than the two victims being shaken by the experience, Holley said no other injuries were reported.

The Sheriff says anyone with any information on the robbery is encouraged to call the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office at 252-794-5330.