Dominion Dollars

Published 10:40 am Monday, November 21, 2016

WINDSOR – They’re helping to keep the lights on, both indoors and out.

On Tuesday Nov. 15, Dominion North Carolina Power (DNCP) presented a $10,000 check to the North Carolina Baptist Men (NCBM) for their efforts to assist recovering Hurricane Matthew flood victims in Bertie County.

“We’re very grateful to Dominion for their generosity in aiding our efforts to help the flood victims,” stated Alan Harris.

Harris is the Site Coordinator for the NCBM’s disaster relief units that have been stationed at Cashie Baptist Church (CBC) since weeks before Hurricane Matthew hit. The group had then been aiding in recovery efforts for the flood that hit the Windsor area after the remnants of Tropical Storm Julia dumped 18 inches of rain in places over a three-day period in late September. 

NCBM volunteers stayed on after Matthew when the waters of the Cashie River rose again to the highest flood level seen since after Hurricane Floyd devastated the area in 1999.

Nearly all of the flood victims in the Windsor area that were affected by the first flood also suffered similar or additional losses in the flood following Matthew.

DNCP’s External Affairs Manager, Pamla Pekrun, was on hand Tuesday to present Harris with the donation.

“We (at DNCP) are glad to be able to present this gift to the Baptist Men. They have all been working so hard to help those in this area who were impacted by Hurricane Hatthew,” Pekrun said.

After 14 inches of flood water rose into the fellowship hall of the CBC following Matthew, church members and others in the community volunteered to help clean it out so that the NCBM could continue to use it as their disaster relief efforts’ home base.

Also at Tuesday’s check presentation, Bertie County Commissioner Tammy Lee stated, “The $10,000 was very generous and I do believe it will help the Baptist Men in their efforts. Our families are still cleaning out, mudding out and now they are drying out.”

Lee continued, “Now it’s time to start building back, so this money will be able to buy building materials. Like Mr. Harris said, this will buy lots of lumber. We are very grateful to Dominion for their assistance with our Bertie County flood victims.”

Lee said that Pekrun had reached out to her after Hurricane Matthew and asked how Dominion could assist those affected by Matthew, as far as to what organization DNCP should contribute. The Red Cross said the NCBM had continued to be very active in Bertie County flood recovery efforts, so the DNCP chose them to award their contribution for use towards the cause.

According to the Baptists on Mission’s website (another name for the NCBM), the group is focusing now on the transition to rebuild by making plans starting with work in the Windsor area.

Anyone wishing to further assist flood victims monetarily may make a donation to the organization by mailing a check to: NCBM, PO Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512 and designate on the check that it is to go toward Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts.

Donations can also be made online by visiting