Former prison guards charged

Published 10:48 am Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WINDSOR – An investigation into cellphone smuggling at the Bertie Correctional Institute here has resulted in four arrests.

According to Windsor Police Chief Todd Lane, his Department opened an investigation into the smuggling of cell phones into the prison facility in September 2016. Lane said this investigation was initiated after a request by local prison officials.

Led by Detective Sergeant Justin Jackson of the Windsor Police Department, the investigation revealed that between December 2015 and September 2016 at least three former correctional officers at the facility conspired to and smuggled cell phones into the prison facility. Once inside the facility, these cell phones were then sold to inmates.

The possession of a cellphone within the prison grounds by an inmate is a felony. These cell phones are used to circumvent prison procedures and could possibly be used to continue criminal enterprises.

The three former employees and one inmate have each been charged with felony conspiracy.

The former correctional officers charged are Ashley Michelle Shuler of Aulander, Kimberly Bryant Holley of Edenton, and Annelies Louise Loos of Greenville. Both Schuler and Holley have been served, made bond, and are awaiting trial. Loos and the inmate, Kevin Brower, have not yet been served with arrest warrants.

Detective Sergeant Jackson is continuing the investigation now to determine if other correctional officers or inmates are involved in the illegal activity.

Anyone with information on this subject is encouraged to call Detective Jackson at 252-325-4265.