Why Trump will win

Published 9:39 am Monday, November 7, 2016

To the Editor:

Using President Obama’s own words, “Elections Have Consequences”, the consequences of a radical liberal agenda are that Americans have had enough.

We are tired of divisive political rhetoric that cause hate and anger.

We are tired of failed economic policies.

We have witnessed controversial and unconstitutional laws, executive orders and overreach of federal regulations which erode our freedom.

We have witnessed pay to play corruption to pass regulations based on what is good for special interests, rather than what’s good for America.

We have seen racial and social unrest used by political operatives as a tool to advance a radical agenda. We are tired of seeing cities burned to the ground in the name of progressiveness.

We are tired of tax dollars going to fund Planned Parenthood’s legalized murder and selling of body parts.

Our military is weaker. Our capability to sustain major wars is questionable. Our adversaries are rapidly expanding their forces and taunting our planes and ships knowing that we have a weak leader.

Our position as the world’s foremost technological and industrial leader has been weakened by trade deals.

Our national debt is a major threat to our security and the solvency of Social Security, Medicaid and other social nets.

With continued revelations of unethical, evil and even criminal activities of Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation, we question her suitability as Commander in Chief.

We remember her past, her weakness as a leader, and her promises of more of the same.

And we will never forget Benghazi and the Americans who died there because no one in the Obama Administration, including Hillary Clinton herself, had the backbone to defend them.

Admittedly some polls may have favored Mrs. Clinton.

However, the recent Brexit vote in England proved that when people realize that their country is being fundamentally changed to suit a corrupt political agenda, the overwhelming desire to defend one’s nation from control by evil tyrants will prevail.

We will never elect a candidate who promises more of the same failed policies and an even larger tax bite.

With the revelation that the FBI is reopening its investigation into her email scandal, voters should look beyond partisan rancor and elect the candidate who has a proven track record of success.

America is going to elect a president who will respect the inherent rights that we are guaranteed by the blood of many Americans who fought so that this nation would never become a third world nation.

Since elections do indeed have consequences, we are going to elect a president who will help turn America away from the social and moral rot that is now infecting her.

We are going to elect a president who will appoint Supreme Court Justices that respect the sanctity of life, respect the Constitution and value our nation’s heritage.

We are going to elect a president who will unite us, grow our economy and provide opportunity for everyone.

And we will elect Donald Trump.

Garry Terry