Supporting Edmunds

Published 10:19 am Tuesday, October 25, 2016

To the Editor:

We four former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of North Carolina – two Democrats and two Republicans – are writing to express our support for the re-election of Senior Associate Justice Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds in November.

We know from experience the importance of each member of the Court. We have seen Justice Edmunds work. He has demonstrated in his years on the Court that he is an independent justice who understands and abides by the ru le of law. His opinions are legally sound.

Moreover, the work of the Court is highly collaborative. The Justices constantly consult as they reach their results and draft their opinions. Justice Edmunds has shown that he is a respected, hard-working and reliable member of the Court team.

Justice Edmunds’ contributions to the legal profession have received national recognition. In August he was named chair-elect of the Appellate Judges Conference, a national organization of over 1,100 state and federal judges and practitioners. He is active in bar and other civic organizations.

In summary, Justice Edmunds has proven himself to be an invaluable public servant.

Former Chief Justice Rhoda Billings

Former Chief Justice Jim Exum

Former Chief Justice Burley Mitchell

Former Chief Justice Beverly Lake