Limited access on plans for US 13 / NC 11 widening project

Published 9:48 am Tuesday, October 4, 2016

To the Editor:

Local traffic BEWARE, if North Carolina Department of Transportation Project R5311 is completed as presently proposed, there will be only two locations for getting on and off US Highway 13 and North Carolina Route 11 from Winton (Highway 158) to NC 42 (Pleasant Plain Nursery).

That represents 10.3 miles with only two access points on that stretch of highway.

I support the new four-lane highway and the improvements to highways 13 and 11, but the public needs to be aware that the following roads will be permanently closed as direct access points to US 13 and NC 11:

Saluda Hall Road

Shortcut road to US 13

Modlin Hatchery Road

NC 461;

Bonner Bridge Road; and

Fire Tower Road

This will funnel the majority of our east-west traffic (as motorists drive to and from the Ahoskie area) onto two roads and two interchanges: NC 11 (Murfreesboro highway; an interchange will be constructed at the old “11 and 11” intersection) and NC 561 (St. John highway at the Ahoskie Inn).

Moving all that traffic to those two roads will mean emergency fire and rescue units, farm equipment, school buses and local traffic will greatly increase by our two schools.

Traffic delays are expected.

The new four-lane highway (US 158) from Murfreesboro to Gates County has access points to local traffic.

The four-lane Hwy 11, Bethel to Greenville, has multiple access points.

The NC R5311 A&B project would help north to south traffic, but restrict our east west traffic flow.

The NCDOT and county commissioners are trying hard to improve the safety and conditions of our roads.

A resolution from our commissioners addressing this issue has been sent to NCDOT, but public input would be greatly appreciated.

My prayer is the best for all our citizens.

Wayne Lassiter