Talk the Walk

Published 9:56 am Thursday, September 29, 2016

To the Editor:

Recently, Senator Bernie Saunders expressed his disgust at the thought that 5,300 ex employees of Wells Fargo went unpunished by the law. While the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), who have no connection with either Congress or the Judiciary, boast that this faceless collection of bureaucrats has imposed a record fine upon Wells Fargo NA, an umbrella for a group of people who feather their own nests.

As the Senator does little but talk and the CFPB does not have to explain what it is going to do with $185 million or explain who will be financially affected by this penalty, these are mere examples of TALK.

Likewise I raised the simple matter of Wells Fargo’s $35 overdraft charge. To me this was a prime example of unlawful, immoral and anti-social behavior.

I know that my words can be dismissed as those of a want to be member of the basket of deplorables. However my nationality denies me entry to the basket.

I am not protesting at the behavior of Wells Fargo NA but the actions of those still employed by the bank. They are the people who took Ms. D’s money and will continue to take other people’s money until somebody Walks the Talk.

So to my simple mind there are four people here in North Carolina who can actually WALK the TALK by presenting ourselves at the Ahoskie branch of Wells Fargo where Ms. D has her account. Obviously Ms. D and I are two of the four. The other two are Cal Bryant, who should place on record not only the Talk but the Walk, and Sheriff Juan, on  whose watch the incident took place.

So far no one has gone to the Sheriff and said, “Sheriff, some one employed by Wells Fargo has taken $35 out of my account, please make them put it back.”

Both Cal and Sheriff Juan may question why they should travel to Ahoskie to help right a wrong. The answers like me are simple. Sheriff Juan will never have to make another trip, his replacement will have to decide in the months to come to go or not to go.

Cal Bryant may enjoy the publicity and the sense of delight that he has and is doing more for Hertford County than Senator Saunders and Congressman Butterfield have done in all their years in Washington.

Some walk or so I like to think!

Gerald Harvey