Loose lips sink ships

Published 10:49 am Thursday, September 22, 2016

To the Editor:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was diagnosed with a contagious version of bacterial pneumonia.

HRC’s diagnosis of contagious bacterial pneumonia put numerous Americans at risk of contamination with pneumonia as she traveled and visited places. HRC’s mere presence in crowded places like the September 11th ceremonies would put the members of the crowd in a situation where they could become infected with the same bacterial pneumonia.

HRC’s placing Americans at risk with her bacterial pneumonia is not the first time that she has placed Americans at risk.

HRC’s use of an unprotected private (homebrewed) server on which she stored classified material placed thousands, if not millions, of Americans at risk. HRC’s decision to go out in a crowd while she had a contagious version of bacterial pneumonia is just another example of her disregard for anyone but herself.

HRC has also demonstrated that she cannot remember the important things that affected her reign as Secretary of State of the United States. HRC forgot about the classes that she had received on how to handle and recognize classified material whether the labels for such material had been removed or non-existence. Even a military private know how to recognize classified material with no labels from the training that they received.

There is a saying that we used during my years in the military: “loose lips sink ships!” HRC has proven that she has loose lips by maintaining a homebrewed server for all her e-mails, both work-related and personal. It is within those work related e-mails where the classified material was contained. HRC’s homebrewed server was subjected to being hacked by an untold number of countries, an untold number of organizations, plus millions of people.

It is time that the American people were given a break from a woman that would place all Americans at risk with her disregard for security of classified material.

It is time that the American people realize that the continued disregard for the safety of America by our elected officials comes to an end.

So, “GIVE ME AND THE REST OF AMERICA A BREAK” from those who are only concerned about themselves, in particular HRC!!!

Ray Shamlin
Rocky Mount