Making modern day history in Hertford County

Published 10:38 am Tuesday, September 13, 2016

To the Editor:

I read some idle chit chat about Democrats and demagogues. To me there is no difference between the two. Instead of indulging some egotistical politician, the good people of Hertford County should be concentrating on the young people of Hertford County.

Every 18 year old should have a driving license and be on the electoral role. For this to happen driving schools are the prime essential.

Motor vehicle manufacturers and insurance companies are the primary beneficiaries of more people being able to drive, but this is just the start. This is not trickle down economics; it is promoting an upwardly mobile community. New drivers are not going to start at the top end of the market.

However a driving school’s great asset is its collection of successful pupils, its graduates, because their education is not yet finished. It should also be Hertford County greatest asset, yet the present leadership in the county is doing nothing to help these young people develop.

Every pupil should receive advanced driving instruction, such as learning to drive an old fashioned vehicle with a clutch. All should learn rudimentary vehicle maintenance.

The current trend appears to be to make cars smarter and drivers dumber, but then if one is rich why think for one self, just make a contribution to a favorite candidate. The community as a whole should appear on the scene by offering the pupils apprenticeships. Thus each and every pupil learns a trade. Is this not what the politicians do, the minimum wage is only for the polling booths.

Obviously those pupils interested in car mechanics are in pole position when it comes to owning a car of their own, but all would benefit from at least one bank and a credit union supporting the school. A couple of apprenticeships is not too much to expect from senior bank executives who basically feed off Hertford County’s population while contributing nothing to personnel development within the county.

When one starts to think about apprenticeships, there really is no end to those who would benefit from the employment of an apprentice. Don’t talk to me about money, advertising budgets could be cut and the TV companies could make up the lost revenue by making programs about “The Real Apprentices”. Even some of the TV executives might enjoy this.

Create a feeling of “esprit du corps’ among the apprentices by having two units apprentice boys and apprentice girls, each with their own distinct uniform. Transgenders only have to win acceptance from their chosen group and the toilet problem is solved in Hertford County.

I proposed two segregated units based on sex not race because of my knowledge of history. It may be the United Kingdom but there are Scots, Irish and Welsh Guards. Each with their own history and traditions but still able to Troop the Colour.

Please believe me, the Hertford County apprentice boys and girls would be making history. They would be the first American organization where the rank and file were better paid and received more attention and respect than the chief executives.

Gerald Harvey