Our youth; our future

Published 10:18 am Tuesday, September 6, 2016

To the Editor:

It is a year since Cal Bryant produced his imaginative headline: Four Sisters are Poster Children for what is Right.

The ladies are back on Facebook with a second picture. Despite trials and tribulations, they are still united. Which is more than can be said for America.

America is fast becoming a country where one group cannot believe or believe in Hillary. Another group follows Hillary out of blind and slavish devotion to The Party.

The third group, which I call The No Change No Hope Group, see no change in the attitudes of either Democrats or Republicans and have no hope for the future of their country.

I said it last year and I say it again this year: These sisters are examples of the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free – America’s Middle Class.

Looking at the sisters, each of them and every one connected with them (except me) has a driver’s license, a photo ID. They have spent their lives being unashamed to produce their license on demand.

Here lies the example to all. The most important lesson that teenagers must learn is the ability to think for themselves. Driver’s licenses are a practical way of identifying those who think for themselves and are prepared to accept responsibility for their own actions and those so rooted in apathy that they just sit back and wait for some one else to take the initiative.

Logic says that once a person has a driver’s license, the next step is a vehicle. Ambition is born in the hearts and minds of even the lowest. Ownership and maintenance are milestones on the road to personal development. Look for a moment at who, within our local community, will benefit most from an increase in the number of people holding driving licenses.

Car dealerships and insurance companies are the obvious answer. An alliance between a motor manufacturer and an insurance company would be a start to a national chain of driving schools, which do not stop at merely passing a driving test.

Now I ask a question: In my day a 16-year-old faced multiple choices, to include a university, a profession, commerce, a trade or the Armed Services

Today the average American teenager is poverty stricken. What choices do they have?

Consider the impact of one motor manufacturer and one insurance company setting up a driving school in our county. One thing is for sure, every young adult in Hertford County would have a choice between a college education and learning a trade.

Here in Hertford County we do not need more infrastructure or Federal government investment in clean energy at the expense of American jobs. We should be investing in the youth of our community with our time, our efforts and our initiative, not making donations to either party of incompetents (Pat Mac excluded). Hertford County’s future lies in the hands of those born after 2000, not in the trembling hands of geriatrics who are lost in their own self importance.

Will some one look up the words of Oliver Cromwell to “the Rump Parliament ” and apply them to today’s Congress. Hertford County does not need an armed revolution just the desire to work with what we already have.

Gerald Harvey