Kirby Club meets at Episcopal Parish House

Published 10:39 am Thursday, September 1, 2016

JACKSON – It was a beautiful, sunshiny day for the meeting of the Kirby Music & Literary Club held at the Episcopal Parish House in Jackson on Saturday, June 11.

Fifteen club members were present including Paula Barrett, Pam Brett, Suzanne Brown, Mary Ann Crawley (hostess), Becky Flynn, Denise Helms, Phyllis Mann, Cheryl Martin, Francine Martin, Wanda Martin, Carol Piper, Sarah Timberlake, Eloise Ward, Jennifer Whittington and Sandra Woodard. Mary Ann recognized her special guests: JoElla Brown who presented the program; Heather Sumner and daughter Sarah who performed the Hula; Betty Anderson who helped with the meal; and Miriam Pruden who greeted guests as they arrived.

The room was decorated with a colorful floral Hawaiian Luau theme. All around the room were flower leis, butterflies and paper lanterns hanging from sconces on the walls. Tables were covered with rose colored plastic tablecloths with rose & yellow confetti scattered about. Each place was set with pink, bright green, purple and yellow plates. Small cups of Macadamia nuts at each place served as appetizers or could be enjoyed along with the meal. Bud vases of artificial orchids complemented the table decorations.

Once members and guests were seated, Mary Ann returned thanks. We enjoyed a delicious buffet Hawaiian Luau meal which included Kabobs of pork, vegetables and shrimp, stir fried vegetables with chicken, brown and white rice, sliced tomatoes, pineapple salad and honey rolls. For dessert the hostess offered a choice of Pina Colada crunch cake made with coconut, crushed pineapple and Cool whip, or coconut pudding. The food was delicious!

The first bit of entertainment was presented by Heather Sumner and her daughter Sarah. They performed a very graceful Hawaiian Hula dance to the tune of “Tiny Bubbles.”

The main part of the program was presented by JoElla Brown who gave a powerpoint presentation of things that she had seen on trips to the Hawaiian islands. What an exciting adventure – we felt like we were there.

Everyone has heard the greeting “Aloha” which can mean “Hello” or “Goodbye.” Flowers are everywhere on the Hawaiian islands! Orchids, bougainvillea, hibiscus and many other varieties adorn fences and yards. The terrain is varied from mountains to beaches from one end of the island to the other. The beaches are different than our beaches here in North Carolina. They are more rocky than sandy.

Being a resort area, there are lots of shops but no malls. Luaus are popular there as well. Upon arriving at a luau one will be given a lei or flower necklace. The food that is offered usually includes a variety of pork and beef and lots of fruit. A hula show follows the luau feast. During the dance, a storyteller interprets the movement of the dancers. The show includes a ceremonial dance that involves fire.

On an interesting note, there are no coconut trees in the tourist areas because of the danger of falling coconuts. A variety of tours are available for tourists to enjoy. The water is so beautiful with different shades of blue and is so clear one can see the bottom with all the multi-colored flora and fauna and starfish of various colors.

There are two ways the Hawaiians keep their economy going – agriculture and tourism. Some of the main crops are Pineapple groves, macadamias, bananas and avocados. Hawaii is the home of the banyan tree whose branches grow down from the tree. The residents eat a lot of seafood, rice and fruit salsa.

We have all heard of Pearl Harbor from our history books. Visitors are very respectful when they are in that area. Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, is its largest city with a lot of traffic and pedestrians.

Why not make plans now to visit this enchanting island? You won’t be disappointed!

Since we had an excellent demonstration of how to do the hula dance, several of our less inhibited members decided to make an attempt at doing the hula. Pam Brett, Carol Piper and Sandra Woodard did there own interpretations of the Hawaiian hula dance.

The ladies attending the Luau entered their tickets in a drawing in hopes of receiving special gifts.

President Sandra Woodard recognized those who would be having birthdays during the summer months followed by the slate of new officers for the coming year. President – Wanda Martin, Vice-President – Lynn Edwards, Secretary – Wanda Guest, Cheryl Martin —scrapbooking and Pam Brett & Phyllis Mann — nominating committee.

This is our last meeting for the summer. Lynn Edwards will host the September meeting.

As a note of interest, Paula Barrett suggested having a recipe book of the foods that we enjoy at the meetings. Also a suggestion was made that we have email addresses and spouses’ names included in the member booklets.