Hillary: another tax-and-spend Democrat

Published 10:51 am Tuesday, August 23, 2016

To the Editor:

Raise the taxes on the wealthiest Americans and use the money to create jobs in the biggest work expansion program since the Second World War.

Is this not what Obama promised in 2008 with his Hope and Change? So Hillary is saying No Change, there are still going to be jobs galore in rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

This is still the same old empty promise. Pardon me if I say there is no hope. For it seems that Democrats, like Hillary, have never heard of No Taxation without Representation.

But why would they believe in one of the founding principles of The Republic? I may be only a simple Englishman because I do not believe that the rich should be given tax relief on their charitable donations. Every man has a duty to his fellow man and there is no need for an unrepresentative Federal Government to bribe him. Perhaps women like Hillary think that duty has been discarded on their march to progressive paradise. However it bothers me that the rich should be taxed more heavily while still allowing them tax relief on their charitable contributions. Just don’t get me started on tax relief on mortgage interest.

Hillary, to her credit, is the great believer in the old adage “Charity begins at home.” This is one article of faith that she has carried in her handbag through out the years. I have heard that 96% of the Clintons’ charitable contributions go to The Clinton Foundation.

I would not dream of asking how The Clinton Foundation rates on the job creation scene. The job created for Chelsea says it all, for most of the other jobs created by the CF will be transferred to the Federal government payroll, once Hillary enters the White House and renames it ‘House of the Rising Sun”.

Perhaps I should not mock Hillary’s job creation skills, because collecting all the extra taxes from the rich is going to create thousands of extra jobs in the IRS and H R Block & Co. It looks like new jobs for the slimy professor and his well educated colleagues who worked on Obamacare.

Now once all these extra taxes are collected in, or even before if the lady does not change her spots, the new money must be distributed into job creation schemes. This requires another army of Democrat supporters to determine where to distribute the money.

Am I the only one to remember how unsuccessful Obama has been in creating new jobs? I know that the rate of unemployment has fallen but this is because, unlike their ancestors, so many Americans have given up or merely not started in their search for gainful employment. Perhaps too many citizens no longer have American ancestors.

Of course after two years Hillary will have a new job, she will have to tour the country to raise money for her second term. Catering businesses are sure to prosper for the big fund raising meals will not be satisfied with fried chicken.

If the wealthy Americans would only put as much effort into creating work opportunities for their fellow Americans as they do in promoting the political careers of those who have no empathy for their fellow country folk, life for ordinary Americans would improve. Alas, Hillary is looking to the past and France for her inspiration on her way to the throne. Let them eat cake is to become an election slogan.

Gerald Harvey