World needs to wake up from bad dream

Published 10:52 am Monday, August 22, 2016

Isn’t it, or isn’t it not funny how insensitive we can become towards that which becomes commonplace?

For example, just a bit back in time we would be glued to the television, we are at war! Millions would watch the coverage of airstrikes overseas. Now we don’t think twice about it. Why? Because it is now a common everyday occurrence, and it is just another example of human futility.

We all know how much we all hate futility! We swim in it! How about the complete turn around on courtesy.

There was a time where we occasionally were confronted with rudeness, and that was a reality check. Now we are accustomed to rude or callous behavior, and it is the rare friendly face and genuinely helpful soul who now takes us by surprise. It is sad, that behind many smiling faces lurks a selfish and non-caring agenda. Though I got to say, among the hard working classes that I associate with in the area, I have not noticed feelings of malice among the assortment of races I call friends. All is good. Government and the dregs of society both share the willing nature to take without asking. To expect or react! That is where the problems lie.

Lonely within a crowded world of other people! There was a time that I had more people I trusted than people I don’t. Why do I not trust easily? Experience, the teacher of all teachers! My teacher has shown me first hand on how people really do not care like they did. Is it the brutality of social media? Where whining, complaining, gossip, falsehoods and lies are spread! What should be a joy of keeping in contact with special people otherwise lost in a less tech society, has turned into a mass invasion of privacy. Is it our own Government that became the teacher? Lead by example should be the first oath of any public official!

Accountability for one’s action would be a close second. We are immune to the dangers from our lack of observation. Distracted by the circus for which we crave. Does this make any sense to any of you? You do realize there is no longer a reason to vote for people anymore? Town criers’ were all they were. You needed a representative to speak for your town, and take their voice to region, then to state and then to federal. Why? Because we didn’t have technology! We can vote on our own country and do not need a voice anymore! Can we be the voice?

Well that may not be accurate either. Think about it, we as a country can no longer agree in majority. There are two many different ideologies, cultures and social rifts. Having more to vote on and no one to blame it on may make matters much worse. Want a glimpse of the future where millennials sit around a corporate office with wrinkled shirts mom forgot to iron? We are immune to the world, and the Politically Correct era is here…however it is very one dimensional! Or so they think! It is now politically correct to do and demand whatever you want, but they get mad when we politically correct them back! Guess what? If it is okay for you to do something, it is okay for me to do something back! Now we can’t just haul off and punch somebody for an ignorant politically in correct move, but we can use the same strategy against them!

For example, someone says, I find the Washington Redskins name offensive! Well, I find it offensive that you find it offensive! Now what? Hhmm? I call it the PC-CP, politically correct counter punch! Try it until they don’t like it! Let’s wake this world back up from this bad dream that seems to be happening!


Tim Flanagan and his wife, Teresa, own and operate The Flanagan House Bed and Breakfast in Murfreesboro.