Shameful attacks

Published 10:19 am Monday, August 15, 2016

To the Editor:

Partisan political attacks are expected during an election, but they should be based on truth, not falsehoods and the misrepresentation of facts.

The attacks against Governor McCrory began the day he was administered the Oath of Office, and have only increased in fervor and intensity. The shameful media bias against our Governor by a couple of the largest newspapers in the state espouse a political point of view by their owners.

I don’t really care who the owners of these large newspapers vote for, but the News and Observer, the Charlotte Observer and other media outlets that continually attack the Governor should tell the truth and disclose that they donate to liberal groups, including the owner of a powerful TV station in our state who is a direct contributor to Roy Cooper.

North Carolina voters have been sweeping Republicans into office to clean up a mess brought about by decades of incompetence and cronyism. Democrats controlled this state for nearly 140 years. McCrory has been governor for less than four.

The liberal media and Roy Cooper cannot attack McCrory’s record on his strong economic and education policies, his elimination of wasteful state government spending, his strong leadership skills and his vision for a North Carolina that has a positive climate for growth where everyone, regardless of status in life has an equal chance of success.

Instead they would rather try and convince us that it’s ok for a man to go into a woman’s restroom. There are not many vestiges left of what was once a sane society, but I will continue the fight to keep women and children safe, while Roy Cooper refuses to do his job.

The myth that HB2 is costing North Carolina $5 billion is not just a political cheap shot, it’s a lie. Our state is doing extremely well, even after some show offs wanted to make political statements by not coming here. Those losses have been overshadowed by huge economic growth.

Under Gov. McCrory’s leadership, North Carolina has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. The economic impact of his pro-growth policies has led to the creation of 300,000 net new jobs since 2013. Moody’s reports that our revenue growth has outpaced the 20 largest states’ average by more than 2-to-1 and our unemployment rate has returned to pre-recession levels of 4.9 percent and is down in all 100 counties since 2013. North Carolina has a AAA credit rating, is ranked the fifth best state for business and ended the fiscal year with a $426 million revenue surplus. Governor McCrory inherited a $500 million budget shortfall and the state owed $2.5 billion to the federal government for UI claims.

The McCrory administration also gave teachers the biggest salary increases in state history.

It’s hard to dispute facts.

Isn’t it strange that those who continually attack Governor McCrory don’t include facts to back up their rhetoric? It’s equally shameful that when they do, they’re often wrong. Roy Cooper and his liberal friends at the state’s powerful news outlets, to include newspapers and TV stations, owe North Carolinians an apology.

Garry Terry