Where’s the truth?

Published 9:45 am Thursday, August 11, 2016

To the Editor:

We’re all suffering, but some of us are suffering more.

Republicans, as the name implies, are Loyal to the Republic. Democrats, who do not believe in Democracy, blindly follow the Party Leadership, which has remained unchanged and unchanging on the road to creating one giant plantation, where the common people no longer have individual identities p, merely numbers on a Government computer.

Having been found guilty of Homophobia because I claimed there was no comparison between an honest to God marriage and a gay union and labeled a racist because of my intense dislike of President Obama’s policies, I now find myself at odds with America’s so called Democrats.

I have written at length about my friend T and her continuing search for Health Insurance…a search which should never have started if Federal Government employees at every level had any sense of decency left in them.

It was not the current heat wave that brought me to boiling point but the thought process of an ardent Democrat and the words of the first woman to become a presidential candidate for a major party.

The ardent Democrat stated that T had only to go on the internet to solve her problem. Madam President elect assured Americans that her presidency would transform the employment situation on the national plantation, and we all know that like the very first President, no Democrat in the White House can tell a lie. If the cherry tree fell down and I am not saying it did, it is climate change that is responsible.

It is now self evident that all that ordinary Americans need to do is to go to Hillary’s website for the pathway to Progressive Paradise. America’s Democrats of all sizes, great and small, have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Seven years ago the overseers on the National Plantation had numerous computer problems with Obamacare.

Four years ago the principal overseer had problems with not one but four of her servers, to the extent that the talking head of the FBI said that Hillary was extremely careless. Tell me again: this is the woman who is planning America’s future!

Back to my stove top, where a woman who is permanently disabled and now has an outstanding doctor’s bill because her temporary disabled health insurance did not cover her treatment, is losing all faith in the future. I listened to the questions that the ardent Democrat asked. These followed a path of how much did T earn in 2016 and what sort of medical expenses did T expect in the future.

I think all of these questions were asked when the woman was first recognized as temporarily disabled and again when she was recognized as permanently disabled. The lady’s status has changed radically from what medical attention she might need in the future to she needs constant medical care!

So forget what I said about the lady needing health insurance, the lady needs health care NOW. It would seem that American doctors have traded in their “Hippocratic Oaths” in favor of the Democrats’ hypocritical oath where money comes first so we line the pockets of Congressmen, Senators and all in the White House, while ordinary Americans are encouraged to waste away because there is no one who cares.

Let Democrats parade the first woman President but the brave are dying and the free are shackled by a federal computer system which America’s Commander in Chief has watched enslave a once proud people. I was brought up on

Rudyard Kipling’s immortal words: “Them that asks no questions isn’t told no lies.”

These days your Democratic leaders have turned ordinary Americans into a supine mass, no longer able to think for themselves let alone ask questions. At the very highest level, the lies are churned out before any one can ask a question. My question is: In the last eight years when has any Democrat told the truth?

Gerald Harvey