Thankful for support from local communities

Published 10:06 am Tuesday, August 9, 2016

To the Editor:

My family and I are very grateful to everyone in Hertford County and surrounding areas who supported the heart generator fundraiser on July 22 at Christopher John’s Salon. We thank everyone who bought tickets and dinners and we especially appreciate all those who sold tickets and worked that Friday to serve the plates.

We send out a special thank you to the crew from Abrams for the great food, chicken and BBQ.

My son, Chris, my daughter, Michelle Farmer Hoggard, and my sister, Evelyn Farmer Rawls, organized the fundraiser and hoped to sell 1,000 plates. The support of the community was so overwhelming that the final plate total was 1,231.

The purpose of the fundraiser was to purchase and install a backup generator at our home to ensure that we have continuous electric power, which is necessary since I had an electrical heart pump implanted at UNC Hospital in May. I use battery power during the day and have a charger to keep them charged up. I also have an electrical wall unit to plug up to at night when I go to bed so I do not have to sleep with the two heavy batteries. The first night we came home from the hospital the electricity went out and we had to get up and plug into the batteries. The next day my family said that we had to do something about this problem and began to plan the fundraiser. The response of the community was more than enough to pay for the generator.

Tommy Vaughan from Vaughan’s Repair Service installed the generator the next week. Jernigan Oil connected the propane gas that powers the generator and donated the labor. Thanks to everyone, we do not have to worry about loss of electrical power anymore.

I must thank all those who gave cash donations to us not only for the fundraiser, but also during my 89-day stay in the hospital in Chapel Hill. That money went a long way to help with Paula’s expenses for lodging and food in Chapel Hill. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. People have shown me so much love and support that I am just thankful to God for each of you.

A man working with Abrams told me as he was leaving that Friday that I was “a special man” for he had never seen so many people come out to support someone the way they did on Friday. My wife, Paula, my family and I thank everyone and pray that God will bless each of you richly.

Johnnie Ray & Paula Farmer