Life and legacy of Elton Jones

Published 10:10 am Tuesday, August 2, 2016

To the Editor:

We lost a great man on Wednesday, July 20. His name was Elton Bruce Jones.

He not only loved Jesus, his family and his church, but we loved everyone.

He passed out many, many Bibles.

Elton lost his legs because of an accident about 16 years ago, but that never slowed him down.

He lived a life that mattered.

Elton had a kind heart and would help anyone in need. What he did for others he did without wanting any credit.

He passed out many passages of scripture from the Bible. He wanted people to know Christ.

He went on many mission trips. One was planned within a few short weeks.

Elton Bruce Jones influenced a lot of people, especially my family and my son, E. Lee Penwell. Just recently my son was ordained as a minister. Elton Jones attended that service. He was there to encourage my son.

I can’t begin to write all the things that Elton Jones did for the glory of the Lord. Many people, myself included, have heard him speak in local churches. He was a man of God.

I was in several hospitals over the course of seven months last year. Guess who always came to see me? Elton Jones. And even then I would receive a letter from him each week. He would write to tell me which Bible verse he would use to pray for me. And please realize that the things he did for me in the name of our savior Jesus Christ, he did for others as well.

Elton Brice Jones was greatly loved by so many people. Those people also loved him family.

Rest in Peace my friend…you will be greatly missed

Patricia Penwell