The wrong priorities

Published 10:25 am Monday, August 1, 2016

To the Editor:

At a time when people are prepared to march as an ill disciplined mob onto state highways, because they claim “Black Lives Matter”, and the head of the FBI publicly accuses a former senior Government employee of extreme carelessness but declines to take any action because she might become President of the USA, I have to watch a friend of 13 years and a neighbor of five fall under the Hertford County Community Bus.

My friend and neighbor, whom I shall call T, has “enjoyed” a disastrous 2016. T has gone from being a fine independently minded, free spirited American woman, who asked nothing of the American government at national or state level, to a stumbling shell who cannot leave her home and her supply of oxygen for more than a couple of hours at a time

T has been recognized officially as Permanently Disabled and in September she will receive $1,200 per month thanks to the boundless generosity of the Obama administration.

The other day I accompanied T and her sister (P) to the bastion of the oxymoron elite, the Social Security Office in Ahoskie. Here, the only “Social” aspect is the camaraderie between Federal Government employees. The only “Security” is that enjoyed by those on the federal government payroll. Each of them enjoys the one thing that is being denied to my friend T – health insurance.

T and P left the “Home of Extreme Carelessness” empty handed. It was not that this nest of overpaid women, both young and old, could not help T….rather, they WOULD NOT HELP her.

T was told that T’s problem was not theirs and that she should go to Social Services in Winton.

So to Social Services in Winton we went. Only to find that North Carolina has its very own Oxymoron Bastion. Social it was not. As for service there was none. Any church in Murfreesboro could have provided a better service. At least T and P would have left knowing that someone would hear their prayers, with hope in their hearts and the sure and certain knowledge that there was still liberty and justice for ALL in the United States of America.

Finally the reason why I have written to you is because my crusade has to start somewhere and through your readership at least my dissatisfaction with America’s SOCIAL SECURITY and SERVICES can be expressed in print. My friend T’s hard work and industry throughout her life is greater than the sum total of Mrs. Obama’s and the third Mrs. Trump’s efforts in this life or the next.

All T wants is health insurance; T needs health insurance and the law of the land demands that she has health insurance.

Gerald Harvey