Telemarketers are telephone terrorists

Published 10:22 am Monday, August 1, 2016

Sure I make calls doing sales myself, and I get calls as a business. The difference in what makes a phone call annoying beyond belief is who and why!

A local business calls me and I am polite and take a moment to listen because they may have something of interest, or at least out of respect for my fellow local business. The calls I am referring to are those from companies that have no reason to be calling, are not local and are down right rude! Robots calling, yeah love it! Sarcasm, thanks for picking up on that.

You are heading out the door, the phone rings. You rush back in to grab it and it is buzzing sound and then a hang up. So these phone terrorists just call to mess with you! What other reason could it possibly be when there is no one there, and it hangs up as soon as you pick up!

How about when you do get a live person, after repeated calls about a school loan that you have no interest in? Wow, I say to them, I actually qualify for a school loan! Great…but I am not interested and can you please remove…they hang up on you!

Or you put your number on the do not call list, and guess what? They call from another number. I had one rep from a well-known internet search engine curse me and mess with me for over a week. Let me tell you, if I could have found that ignorant person I would be on the run or in prison for what I wanted to do to that individual!

This torment is a national issue, it is immoral, and it is angering! Sometimes I go through the motions to get to a live person and I call them every name I can think of!! Just in hopes of ruining their day, as the fifteen or twenty calls so far this day has done to me!

I say boycott these businesses if you can figure out who they are. If they refuse to stop calling, what I do is find out the companies real number, not the fake one from the random shuffle, and waste their time. If I have nothing going on I will repeatedly call their company and go, “hello I am just calling you to get even for your company calling me everyday”.

Again I am not talking about a business with a legitimate reason for calling, or a local business that I share a county with. I am talking about these ugly ignorant companies who could care less about the aggravation they are spreading in people lives. They suck your time, who pays for your time? They suck you cell minutes, who pays for that? They can turn a smile upside down when all you do is ask to be removed nicely, and they hang up in your ear. These people have forgotten what it is like to be human I guess.

We need to join together and fight this infectious disease by any means necessary. The Government cannot help, because it would be wrong for them to do so. Meaning, a law as like many may help with some but hurt others. There is no way to police this without affecting our freedom.

So I say as a citizen we teach these companies a lesson. You can accomplish this by boycotting, writing negative reviews, calling and wasting their time and of course making that person on the other end hate their life as much as they effect yours!

Be on alert telemarketers….the day may come when you are harassing someone by phone from the comfort of your couch, and a knock comes on the door! You open it to find someone dressed in a clown suit saying, “congrats you qualify for a beat down”!


Tim Flanagan and his wife, Teresa, own and operate The Flanagan House Bed and Breakfast in Murfreesboro.