Is there hope, after all, for Ted Cruz?

Published 10:21 am Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It’s the job of any newspaper to keep their readers informed.

With that said, readers of this column are put on notice that the next President of the United States is scheduled to pay North Carolina a visit on Tuesday, June 21.

It pains me to put the words Hillary Clinton and President in the same sentence. But the way the Republican Party is unraveling at the seams as we speak (or read), the “Hilda Beast” appears to be the odds-on favorite come November.

Those of you that want to get a glimpse of our next POTUS can make the trip to Raleigh. I believe I’ll skip the opportunity.

My distain for the former First Lady/US Senator from New York has nothing to do with her gender. Nor am I opposed to a female occupying the Oval Office, thus becoming the first to do so. I simply do not trust her for numerous reasons that I’ve previously went on the record to say in this space. And I’m dead set against another four years of a liberal within the confines of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

However, no matter my thoughts, it appears my wishes will not be granted. Hillary is widening her lead in the political polls. Two weeks ago it was almost dead even race between she and Donald Trump, but that was prior to the presumptive Republican nominee doing what he does best – angering the general public with his big mouth.

Trump’s comments in the wake of the 49 souls that lost their lives in an Orlando nightclub preceded by his verbal abuse of an Hispanic (American born) Judge only added fuel to the other incendiary comments that have made their way from his warped brain to the tip of his tongue.

If that’s what we can always expect from The Donald, then, no thanks. It’s no wonder that the majority of elected Republicans are choosing to keep their distance from Trump, as well as refusing to endorse him. Some are threatening to skip the Republican National Convention next month in Cleveland.

So, that leaves constitutional conservatives such as myself with either voting Libertarian or sitting out the November election.

But, wait, there may be a glimmer of hope.

I read a national news piece last week that reported of a longshot movement among conservative convention delegates and operatives, to include supporters of Senator Ted Cruz, a former presidential candidate, to change party rules so the convention can pick a different nominee.

“We’re acting to save the Republican Party from imminent disaster,” said Steve Lonegan, who chaired Cruz’s New Jersey campaign and is helping organize an effort to let delegates chosen to back one candidate vote instead for another.

Lonegan, others leading the drive, and Cruz aides say the Texas senator is not involved in that effort.

I wish something of that magnitude could take place, but I’m not holding my breath. The news report cited it may be too late to pick someone else in Cleveland. Plus, it seems that those pushing that effort lack sufficient support, are disorganized, and have no alternative candidate.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said in an interview on “Meet the Press” that GOP lawmakers should “follow their conscience when considering endorsing Trump. But even those words are hollow, as Trump has 1,542 delegates in his pocket for the convention, far more than the 1,237 needed for victory.

However, there is a catch – delegates “bound” to one candidate can vote freely in convention rules fights. They may turn on Trump, which could open the door for another candidate to step through. If that “vote of conscience” does take place, convention delegates could say that Trump has committed grievous acts, including scandal, crimes or supporting views in gross violation of GOP stances.

Trump, in my opinion, isn’t a true Republican, nor is he a constitutional conservative. Maybe there’s hope – be it a longshot – for Ted Cruz after all.


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