Hope or hatred….the choice is easy

Published 10:20 am Monday, May 23, 2016

I know how easy it is to wish for, that which would come, and you would wish you never wished!

“I wish I was dead”! We all say it and think it at times. We all know it does not really carry much weight in most cases, it is more of an internal cry for help on a really bad day! As an actor I can pretend something is real, so much so that the emotions connected can come bursting to the surface. So if I will myself to imagine that death is imminent, I can suddenly recollect that which usually escapes me. That which makes life worthwhile for me…myself! Music! Songs so connected to memories that it brings tears of joy and sadness! Songs like “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey and “Follow Me” by John Denver! One a memory of an achievement of a lifetime from being in “Rock of Ages”! And a song that takes me back to my childhood, and one of only a few fond memories of my mother and our trip to Florida to Disney World. If the next step in life actually carried your sentience with it, then maybe you would not miss hearing your favorite songs, you would feel them instead.

The gentle feel of my grandson’s hand in mine, as he holds on when we approach the street or woods, places he is not allowed to be without being hand in hand with one of the family! Of course those moments with the children we love does not last very long in itself, they grow so quickly, maybe just from the sheer desire to grow up that all children seem to have. You sure miss it when it is gone! I look back and often wish we were born in reverse, that we would die as a child and be born old. Of course I am sure the ladies reading this are like, “I am not giving birth to no two hundred pound old person”! It would certainly save on cemetery space!

How about those first two bites of a cheese steak when you are famished. Or the first cup of coffee of the day. How about the warm and welcoming feeling of spring that can seem to happen at any time of year. These are examples of feelings and memories that can bring my mood right around.

Unfortunately we get days that can be just downright cruel. Endless idiocy seems to surround your every move. If it were on a TV show it would be funny! However that is not the case when you have one of those days that make you ask yourself, is it really worth it? Those are the days where we have to choose between hope or hate.

It is easy to gravitate towards hate! Hope takes more thought. I hate my life! I hate that guy! I hate my job! In my case it is usually, “I hate inanimate objects”! Why? Because I know that everything is made up of atoms, so I am sensing some kind of furniture conspiracy theory!

Though choosing hate can be instantly rewarding, it usually carries grave consequences and regret along with it. Hope is the better choice but hard to get rolling, especially if you are having your issues on the road or away from your comfort zone. I again usually turn to music, or something beautiful in nature. Take a mental baby step and get a day dream going. Always a slow go turning a bad day to one of hopeful anticipation. Today was that day for me, a day I would only wish on my worst enemies! I got through it with no violence and destruction! With no regret or worry! A major accomplishment for me.

Hope you all have a wonderful day today!


Tim Flanagan and his wife, Teresa, own and operate The Flanagan House Bed & Breakfast in Murfreesboro.