School tax shot down

Published 12:09 pm Thursday, March 17, 2016

JACKSON – The proposed supplemental school tax was soundly defeated during the March 15 primary. Voters rejected the tax to build a new central middle/high school by a vote total of 4,724 (88.15 percent) compared to only 662 (11.85 percent) who favored the measure.

All 18 precincts soundly defeated the tax, ranging from 81.11 percent against it in the Rehoboth precinct to 95.18 percent opposition in the Pendleton precinct.

Opposition was even stronger on the eastern end of the county (low 90 percent) than on the western end (upper 80 percent).

In a six-person race for four seats on the Northampton County Board of Education, voters kept two incumbents, but ousted a third.

The top two vote-getters were both incumbent Board of Education members as Keedra Whitaker received 3,246 votes (20.61 percent of votes cast) and Clinton Williams got 3,151 votes (20.01 percent).

Challengers Richie Harding with 3,003 votes (19.07 percent) and Lloyd Pittman with 2,961 votes (18.80 percent) were also elected to the School Board.

Losing the election were current Board Vice Chair Marjorie Edwards with 2,012 votes (12.77 percent) and challenger Tyrone Hargrove with 1,234 votes (7.83 percent).

Edwards had a strong showing in the eastern portion of the county, but was very weak in the west, especially in the Gaston precinct where she only received 6.34 percent of the vote.