Thieves target lottery tickets

Published 8:23 am Thursday, September 17, 2015


HALIFAX – The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is soliciting the assistance of the public as well as law enforcement agencies in adjoining counties to identify the persons responsible for the theft of lottery tickets.

According to Halifax Sheriff’s Detective Obert Wiltsie, hundreds of tickets were stolen from a store on Highway 301 in Halifax following a breaking and entering that occurred Sept. 5. The winning tickets, of which there were probably five or 10, were cashed at other stores, mainly in Rocky Mount.

Wiltsie said the breaking and entering occurred around 4 that morning and by 7 a.m. the winning tickets began being cashed.

The Halifax Sheriff’s Office has posted surveillance photos taken of a woman who cashed in the winning tickets at various stores. A man captured on the store camera in Halifax broke into the business and also accompanied the woman to cash them.

Wiltsie said because of the time frame in which the crime occurred, the sheriff’s office, once the pair are caught, should be able to lodge charges for even the crimes committed outside Halifax County.

He said the state Lottery Commission will most likely launch its own investigation as well.

Anyone with information on the identity of the woman is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office at 252-583-8201 or Crimestoppers at 252-583-4444.

(Lance Martin is Editor and Publisher of Permission was granted to reprint this story.)