Tree cutters charged

Published 8:52 am Thursday, August 20, 2015

WOODLAND – Renters have rights, but not when it comes to cutting trees.

After several weeks of investigation by the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office, Collie Neal, age 59, and 54-year-old Carlisea Neal, both of Woodland, were arrested and charged with two counts each of injury to trees.

According to Northampton Sheriff’s Captain Mitch Deloatch, the Neals were renting a home along US Hwy 258 just outside of Woodland when they cut all of the trees located on the property. However, Deloatch said they did so without permission of the landowner.

Deloatch said the property belonged to Annie Helton of Rich Square, who filed the initial report with the Sheriff’s Office.

The couple turned themselves in at the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office in Jackson on Tuesday and both were given a $2,000 unsecured bond and released with Sept. 15 court date.

“The Northampton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate any and all crime in the county where people report cut, harvest, damaged trees, or damaged property. We are committed to bringing those who commit these types of crimes to justice,” said Northampton Sheriff Jack Smith.