Honoring two great mentors

Published 7:54 am Tuesday, September 23, 2014

To the Editor:

I realize the “ANTI-NAMING” policy was instituted to promote unity in the educational community, and that unity has occurred due in large part to the accomplishments of the men, Richard Murray and E. Daryl Allen.

I have said on many occasions, dating back prior to my tenure as Head Football Coach at the school, that the Athletic Complex should be named after Coach Murray, a Hall of Fame Athletic Director, and that the Football Stadium should be named after E. Daryl Allen, a Hall of Fame football coach.

I had hoped for them to have seen that happen in their lifetime, but since it didn’t, let’s correct that huge oversight now.

These men were both honored by the state at the highest level for their accomplishments in the service of young people; yet in the community where they served and achieved greatness their accomplishments go unmemorialized.

They loved this school and this community, and dedicated their lives to serving our community by building better citizens through athletics and the life lessons they offered. It’s time to fix this now.

I am so glad that Mr. Timmy Newsome has taken on this task of rectifying this wrong, and I salute and support him wholeheartedly.

Also, it bears great consideration that Charles Simmons, the current Director of Athletics and Head Basketball Coach, who has accomplishments in basketball and Athletic Administration that will see him inducted in both Halls of Fame, should have the gymnasium and court where he has garnered statewide acclaim named in his honor. Why not “give him his flowers, while he can smell them”

If our neighbors to the south could honor Coach Bond by naming their stadium after him, why can’t we honor these great men, who have had such a great influence in our community in the same manner?

Gregory L. Watford

1979 Cougars