Meeting schedule adjusted

Published 7:47 am Thursday, July 3, 2014

WINDSOR – The Bertie County Board of Commissioners have made an adjustment to their schedule of regular monthly meetings at community sites across the county.

Originally, five meetings were slated for 2014 beginning with the second monthly Commissioners’ meeting on July 21 and every other second monthly meeting through Nov. 17.

The recommended sites were to be Colerain (July), Lewiston-Woodville (August), Trap (September), Indian Woods (October), and Aulander (November).

At their called-meeting on June 26, Board chair J. Wallace Perry made known that he had spoken to County Manager Scott Sauer about the adjustment.

“(I) gave him my opinion and told him on the final meeting in our term, which is the second meeting in November, I feel like we ought to be right here,” Perry said. “For three of us it’ll be our last meeting; and I think this is where we started and I think we ought to end here.”

When asked their opinion on Perry’s suggestion, the three other Commissioners present (Commissioner Rick Harrell was absent): Vice-chairman Charles Smith, John Trent, and Ronald D. “Ron” Wesson, were in unanimous agreement.

“So moved,” they said, almost in unison.

Perry then proposed a new meetings schedule and said it would mean only four travel meetings away from the county seat.

“The November meeting will be right back here,” Perry proposed.

The new schedule calls for the first meeting (July 21, 7 p.m.) to be at the Lewiston-Woodville Volunteer Fire Department, at 103 W. Church Street; Aug. 18 will be at the Roxobel Community Building at 204 East Church Street; Sept. 22 is slated for the Perrytown Volunteer Fire Department, 848 Perrytown Road; with Oct. 20 set for the Trap Volunteer Fire Department at 213 Valentine Farm Road, Colerain.

“These are places that did not have meetings last year,” Perry added. “I think all the other Fire Departments had meetings, if I’m not mistaken.  So if you will, I would appreciate it if you would adopt this schedule.”

Trent made a motion, seconded by Wesson, to adopt the schedule and it passed by a unanimous vote.