Conway-Severn Rescue Squad under new management

Published 10:33 am Tuesday, May 20, 2014

To the Editor:

The Conway-Severn Rescue Squad, Inc is under new management. There are serious alleged allegations against the former Captain Christopher Buffaloe and HE has been removed from the Rescue until further notice. He does NOT currently represent the Conway-Severn Rescue Squad in any matter, shape or form.

We apologize to the public for this alleged behavior and assure you this is being vigorously investigated by the proper authorities. We ask you to please consider that this was the alleged action of one person and while it reflects on all the Rescue Squad members, please remember that we have very dedicated members that do a great job and we will do even better.

Every aspect of our Rescue Squad is being critiqued and I assure the public that corrections will be made where needed. The new captain is a charter member and former captain, Mike Davis.

We intend to continue to serve the public and those people we currently transport, we ask you to please give us a chance to prove that we are serious about correcting discrepancies we have found. You WILL see a new direction and attitude from our Rescue Squad.

We welcome any suggestions from the public with regard to improving our Rescue Squad and also want to know of any problems or indiscretions that you may be aware of. Please call the building in Conway (252) 585-0313 or you may contact any board member which currently consist of Nick Aston, Lisa Little, Carol Ferguson, M.E. Lassiter, Greg Canady, James Phelps, Bryan Ferguson and Mike Davis.

We have a responsibility to the public and we take it very seriously and ask for your help, prayers and understanding. Working together we can be what we should be.

Mike Davis


Conway-Severn Rescue Squad, Inc.