Pierce seeks House seat

Published 9:13 am Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GATESVILLE – Four years ago, Sidney Pierce III was enrolled in classes at NC State University.

Now the Gates County native wants to return to Raleigh, not as a student, but rather as a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Sidney Pierce III

Sidney Pierce III

Pierce has filed as a Republican candidate for the NC House 5th District, which includes the counties of Bertie, Hertford, Gates and part of Pasquotank.

The 25-year-old is a 2006 graduate of Gates County High School and a 2010 graduate of NC State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.

He is a member of Calvary Independent Baptist Church in Sunbury and a member of the Sunbury Ruritan Club, where he serves as a director.

In 2012, Pierce was the Republican nominee for Gates County Commissioner for the Hobbsville District.

Pierce noted he was running for office as a Christian conservative.

“As a Christian, I am a firm supporter of marriage (that being one man and one woman),” he said. ‘I vehemently oppose abortion (an institution of murder) and I pledge that if elected, that I will do everything I can to end this institution of murder.

“I will do everything in my power to also protect the religious liberties of Christians, whether it is praying in schools or displaying religious symbols on public property; I will defend the 1st Amendment Rights of Christians,” he added.

Pierce said, if elected, one of his priorities will be to restore state authority and sovereignty over the areas of energy, education, commerce and healthcare.

“For too long we have let the intellectually challenged in Washington D.C. (both Democrats and Republicans) govern us in those areas,” he observed. “The politicians in Washington D.C. have proven that they are incompetent and lack the ability to govern.  It is therefore in our interest to remove from them these areas of governance and give them to the states, where they can be governed in a competent manner.

“My other priorities, should I get elected, will be to eliminate the income tax, reduce the sales tax if possible and reform the gas tax and local property taxes,” he added.  “I would support implementing ‘Constitutional carry’ in the state and will work towards eliminating all sanctuary cities in North Carolina.”

In regards to healthcare, Pierce said he is uninsured.

“And I will remain uninsured because I am engaged in civil disobedience to the unconstitutional law known as Obamacare,” he stressed. “The U.S. Constitution does not grant any enumerated right or authority for the Federal government to regulate healthcare in this country.  I do not obey unconstitutional laws, because such laws are illegal.

“In addition, as a Christian, I refuse to recognize the Federal government as any kind of sovereign over my health. I will recognize only one sovereign over my health and that is God, Himself.  I am encouraging everyone reading this to join me, in civil disobedience to this unconstitutional, tyrannical, unjust and illegal law, by refusing to sign up for Obamacare,” Pierce concluded.

For more information about his candidacy, visit his campaign’s Facebook page “Sidney Pierce for NC House” or email him at “sidneysrp3@yahoo.com”.

Pierce is the lone Republican to file for the 5th District NC House seat, currently held by Democrat incumbent Annie Mobley of Ahoskie. She has filed for reelection and will face the challenge of fellow Democrat Howard Hunter III in the May Primary. That winner will advance to face Pierce in November’s General Election.