Sequestration impacts CADA

Published 8:14 am Tuesday, June 25, 2013

RICH SQUARE – With federal funds dwindling, CADA (Choanoke Area Development Association of NC, Inc) officials have made some tough choices about their financial future.

CADA was recently notified that due to Sequestration, the federal grant for local organization’s Head Start/Early Head Start program will be reduced by 5.27% ($267,400) beginning Sept. 1.

Guidance from the Office of Head Start (OHS), Administration for Children and Families advised that programs must continue to meet or surpass the same performance standards.  Guidance from OHS further advises that the number of children served may need to be reduced so that agencies continue to meet program performance standards, and if the number of children served has to be reduced, to limit the impact on returning children if possible.

The CADA Board, staff and Head Start Policy Council used this guidance along with the Community Needs Assessment to evaluate the services provided by the CADA Head Start/Early Head Start Program and to develop a plan that complies with Sequestration funding cuts. This plan has been submitted to the Office of Head Start for approval.

After reviewing data and unsuccessful attempts to secure other sources to reduce the impact of Sequestration, CADA is implementing the following steps effective Sept. 1 to meet the federal funding reduction:

Close the Clara Hearne Head Start Center (located on Cedar Street in Roanoke Rapids) that housed two classrooms serving a total of 37 children; 13 of the 37 children are returning enrollees, and CADA will work with these families to secure other child development services.  Twenty-four of the children currently enrolled are transitioning to kindergarten.  The number of children served by the CADA Head Start program will be reduced by 37 for the school year beginning Sept. 1.

Eliminate some agency Head Start staff positions (no reduction in force is anticipated due to vacancies); and

Reduce the number of work weeks for some other staff positions.

“The CADA Board and staff appreciates the opportunity to engage with parents, school systems, health services, local departments of social service, local businesses, and the community to build a partnership that provides results-based child development services and fosters school readiness and a brighter future for children and their families. We look forward to this partnership continuing.  CADA must continue to engage with the community to provide a required 25% non-federal match for the program,” CADA officials said in a press release.

For additional information about Sequestration, or the CADA Head Start/Early Head Start Program, or to donate or volunteer to assist the program, contact Sallie Surface, Executive Director at or Dianne Bynum, Head Start Director at