Reward offered in Moses case

Published 6:45 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To the Editor:

Thank you for your continuous coverage regarding our loved one, Daniel McCoy Moses. As you know he has been missing since June 16, 2011.

As the two year anniversary draws near with still no answers, our hearts are heavy with concerns regarding his whereabouts. We miss our brother! My mother misses her son!

As you wrote in your article on May 30, 2013, Daniel was a simple man, with regular habits and would not go on vacation without informing his mother, no more than he would walk away from his family forever without a word.

As we continue our search for Daniel, we are asking for help from the public. The citizens of Northampton County should also know that Daniel’s case is not the only case of a missing African American in our area. There have been six cases that we are aware of over the last fifty years and Daniel’s case is one of three that has happened in the last 24 months.

Along with my siblings I have done all I know how to do as his sister, friend and a citizen, but the search is too broad and the truth is buried too deep. What I am asking the people of our community to do is think about what happened to Daniel. Think about what they were doing the week he went missing; mainly the employees at the hog operation located behind Daniel’s house and anyone traveling on Duke’s Service Road (located off NC 305 between Rich Square and Jackson). What did you see on the morning of June 16, 2011?

The other way the citizens can help Daniel is to go to my Facebook page and sign the petition that we are sending to the FBI again in August. We are asking the FBI to join the local and state officials in the investigation. We are not just asking for Daniel’s whereabouts, but all the missing people in Northampton County.

June 16th is a sad day for the Moses family, but each day has been sad since we realized he was missing. We will never stop looking for Daniel McCoy Moses and we need your help.

As a family and people of faith, even in the midst of this crisis, we remain un-wavered in God’s ability to reveal what is now hidden. Our prayer is that the person or persons with information allows God to use them to provide a resolution to this case and peace for the family.

The Moses Family is offering a $10,000 reward for the whereabouts of Daniel. If you do not want to talk to law enforcement you can reach me at 404-797-9000 or

Shelia Moses

Atlanta, GA