When life gives lemons, make lemonade

Published 7:02 pm Sunday, June 2, 2013

Softball in the South is about as American as apple pie. As the softball leagues heat up in Ahoskie and all over the Roanoke- Chowan area I must take a moment to reflect upon the incredible job our town has accomplished with the Ahoskie Creek Recreational Complex.

Being from South Georgia and not here roughly 15 years ago, I understand there were many families uprooted after the flood of 1999 brought on by the torrential down pours from Hurricane Floyd and then flooded again from an off shore tropical storm.  As with every cloud’s darkness there comes a dawn and Ahoskie has made some “sweet” lemonade” from the sour lemons our area was so tragically dealt.

The multi-propose in fields are in tremendous shape and can play host to soccer, football and other events and the softball /baseball fields are as nice as any in the region. The addition of the ballparks at the complex is just what the doctor ordered or, in this case, what the vet ordered.

Work is now occurring on the new 18 hole Frisbee Golf Course which I’m sure will be the talk of the Roanoke- Chowan area once completed.  A new enormous 105 x 55 foot picnic pavilion is under construction which will feature electricity and bar-b-que grills. Close by is a brand spanking new playground that has just been completed and there is also plans for a new jogging and walking trail along the banks of Ahoskie Creek.

There are additional plans for a nature trail across the street at Mitchell Park that will encompass nine and half miles of beautiful North Carolina nature once completed.

Our town leaders had a magnificent vision once the land was obtained from FEMA after the flood. Not only did the town build the basics of a wonderful park, they have developed long ranges plans for the complex and these plans are extremely exciting. How does the thought of our very own water park sound? One can only imagine spending a warm summer day basking in the warm North Carolina sun and then cooling off in clear cool waters of our water park, or a family or company picnic with grilled burgers, hot dogs or, better yet some bar-b-qued ribs at the new picnic pavilion.

Speaking of extreme, there are plans for a skate park where skaters can spend the day until they are exhausted from a day of fun.

The future looks bright for the Ahoskie Creek Recreation Complex. The long range plans could possibility hold a large community room built at the facility. Imagine the convenience of having our very own meeting room that could play host to family reunions, local company meetings and, town functions. The huge size of the park allows for much more expansion which is only limited by of course the town’s budget and one’s ingenuity.

I can only find good points to bring up about all the improvements and the plans of our town’s leaders for making a comment to better the quality of life for our citizens.

Joe Cowart is the Publisher of Roanoke-Chowan Publications. He can be contacted at joe.cowart@r-cnews.com or 252-332-7218.