Shame on you Hertford County

Published 8:38 am Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To the Editor:

Having lived in Murfreesboro a number of years after working as a registered nurse, then was honored to work with Dr. Michael C. Alston and his staff, I received the news article of a law suit against Dr. Alston. I need to express my feelings about this situation.

Dr. Alston is the kindest, most loving, most caring physician I have worked for. He was always attentive to a patient’s complaint; a knowledgeable and highly respected physician.

How can he be charged when the “so-called” nurse never communicated with Dr. Alston about a drop in blood sugar in the patient? After all, Dr. Alston took the Hippocratic Oath…to preserve life, not take it. If information is not conveyed to the attending physician in a timely manner, then that is the nurse’s fault, not the doctor’s.

Also, it seems that a vendetta was placed against Dr. Alston with the judicial system in Winton. The North Carolina Bar Association should be made aware of how things were mishandled in the courthouse. More people know what went on than a closeted few people.

Shame on you Herford County!

Alice C. Fellabaum

Snow Camp, NC