Big Bad Wolf is the ‘Prince of Pork’

Published 8:34 am Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MURFREESBORO – When one arrives in Murfreesboro on the third Saturday in May, the magnificent smell of roasting pork is in the air.

If your nose is working properly, one can smell the peppers, different spices and vinegar the pork barbecue chefs use to baste their whole hog as it slowly roasts at the 12th annual Roanoke-Chowan Pork Fest.

Strolling down Pork Alley one is over whelmed with the sights of the beautifully decorated cooking tents set up just for the judges, and the aroma of a highly competitive North Carolina-style cook off. About half way down the BBQ row, people were smiling as their mouths are drooling with the anticipation of an upcoming feast that happens at the end of the annual event.

The event also featured a car show, one with everything one might expect, from fabulously restored model T’s to muscle cars and even some older luxury cars. All these meticulously restored and polished vehicles were on display for all to enjoy.

There was a bouncing house for the kids; all types of vendor booths displaying everything from homemade breads, cakes, jewelry and pickles plus all types of arts and crafts.

The Moonshine Band put on a great concert and kept the crowd entertained playing country and rock n’ roll hits.

The highlight of the day was the announcement of the winners of the 12th annual Pork Fest. Coming in 5th place was Danny Klapton-Party Time from Roanoke Rapids; 4th place went to the team of Edgar and Ruby Hargis – Smoke’n Porkers from Burlington; 3rd place was captured by Ahoskie native Jacques Turner – Bring On The Bacon; and 2nd place was won by Tommy Turner – Get R Done. The championship was taken by Bruce Daniel of the Big Bad Wolf cooking team from Roanoke Rapids.

Daniel was extremely excited about his first place finish at Pork Fest. He says he has won numerous trophies throughout the region. Daniel enjoys the competition and the fellowship between all the competitors while cooking at these types of events.  Daniel states he stared cooking his pig at 11:30 p.m. on Friday and he cooked it low and slow for 12 hours. When asked for the recipe for his award winning sauce, he just smiled and shook his head in a negative response.

For winning, Daniel received a beautiful 1st place trophy and a check for $500.

The climax of the day was, of course, eating the delightful North Carolina barbecue with all the traditional trimmings.

Proceeds from the Roanoke-Chowan Pork Fest benefit the Jefcoat Museum of Americana, housed at the old Murfreesboro High School.