County shops for new bank

Published 6:35 am Monday, May 13, 2013

JACKSON – With the Jackson branch of PNC Bank scheduled to close in July, Northampton County government is dealing with how it will affect county business.

On Monday, Northampton County Finance Officer Dot Vick gave the Northampton County Board of Commissioners an update on the closing of the bank.

“PNC is closing the branch down here on July 19,” she said. “With us that will mean the county will need to have a courier.”

Vick said county money can be left in PNC, but the banking will have to be done at a different branch.

“They’re saying that all accounts will be transferred to Roanoke Rapids, but the county’s funds are deposited in Raleigh and we can go to any branch in the county and deposit,” she said.

Vick said there are two other banks in the county that they are looking at, but regardless if the county is to stay with PNC there needs to be a courier to handle county deposits.

“(County Manager) Wayne (Jenkins) and I have been meeting with the other two banks,” she said to the board. “We don’t have anything yet to bring back, but I just wanted you to be thinking about the courier.”

Vick added she spoke to Sheriff Wardie Vincent regarding the Sheriff’s Office providing a courier.

Commissioner Fannie Greene questioned where other two banks Jenkins and Vick were in discussions with.

“Conway and Seaboard, and PNC will still be in Rich Square,” Vick responded.

First Citizens Bank is in Conway and Southern Bank is located in Seaboard.

Vick noted Southern Bank has been doing business with the county for several years and has financed equipment and land purchases for the county.

She added the manager from First Citizens Bank has expressed interest in doing business with the county. She added there was an upcoming appointment with him to see what that bank had to offer.

Jenkins added he and Vick would keep the commissioners updated as the matter developed.

An employee of the Jackson PNC branch confirmed the bank will be closing on July 19. All accounts will be transferred to the Roanoke Rapids PNC branch. Customers have a choice as to which PNC branch they bank with.

The employee added the reason behind the closing was a corporate decision.

PNC Bank recently confirmed they would also be closing their Colerain branch. The last day for that bank is May 17.