News from The Market

Published 7:58 am Thursday, May 2, 2013

Submitted by Lynn Johnson

Well…It seems that history does repeat itself because the notorious winner of our Scavenger Hunt games offered at the Market is once again the winner of the game “Find the Seven White Geese” game played for the first time this past Saturday. The winner in reference is none other than Brenda Davis of Murfreesboro. She is our modern day version of Sherlock Holmes.

The game will be repeated this week, but she will be ineligible to play again according to the rules. So, let’s see just how many others we can entice to win the $25 cash. The rules are simple. You do not need to move anything to find these geese if you are really observant about your surroundings. They are all inside the building and not in the restrooms, office or food stand. They are not all the same size but painted by the same artist; therefore, they all seem the same configuration. Remember, do not move anything at the market in anyone’s booth….there will be no need to plunder.

Our vendors are ineligible to play but just observe some frantic people seeking these geese similar to the ones that land at the nearby pond. There will be no need to ask people where they are ‘fore they do not know. Remember, you must pay before you play…to pick up your tally sheet signed off on by a representative for the market. Good luck and may be the next best hunter win!

Also this week in the consignment shop there will be an assortment of designer handbags available for purchase at ridiculously low price points. Designers such as Dooney-Bourke, Tignanello, Brighton, Michael Kors and others.

The Market has become the place to see and be seen and also a great place to meet for a breakfast date or brunch or lunch. Come out and grab some great buys on fresh produce, canned goods, fresh baked breads, jewelry treasures, and much, much more.

Remember, this is your local Farmers’ Market. Help to keep it thriving!

See you at the Market!