Would you really?

Published 7:46 am Monday, March 11, 2013

To the Editor:

The facts show that Northampton County has a “time-line” for a new high school. The county commissioners laid out the numbers for all to see.

It will be 4 years before the county can consider funding a new school. It will take 1 1/2 – 2 years to construct a new school. If you have approximately 500 students now, how many will you have five years from now?

There is a new Kipp coming to Halifax County. Some of those students may leave the Gaston campus. The Kipp campus in Gaston will be in full swing in five years. That means more of the kids that would be at Gaston’s Elementary and Middle schools will be lost each year.

How many kindergarten students were lost last year? How many 1st graders will be lost this year? How many additional kindergarten and 1st graders will be lost this year?

How many students can you honestly plan to build a school for….400 maybe 350? Will you have that many? One way or another the TAXPAYER will cover this cost.

I’m not trying to be disrespectful to anyone. But between you and me…..(1) Use what you have; (2) You have a 20 year old high school in Gaston that can house these students; (3) It might even be paid for; (4) There are no known health concerns there; and (5) Are you going to keep the students in Creeksville until the “time-line” school is built?

Would you really?

Richie Harding


Concerned Citizens of NorthamptonCounty to Save Our Children

Pleasant Hill