Three dogs deserved better

Published 8:44 am Thursday, March 7, 2013

To the Editor:

I once again have been shown exactly how evil and cruel human beings can be.

My job requires that I ride a bus several times a week to carry small children to and from their homes to preschool. One recent afternoon while returning children to their homes at Serenity Mobile Home Park, I was saddened to see a dog lying dead at the edge of the road. There were people milling about, some with small children. It was as if no one seemed to care.

I had seen this young dog many times and thought how beautiful he was….playfully prancing around. He appeared healthy. That’s why I was confused as to what happened to him.

As the bus pulled out of the park towards Woodridge, the driver and I noticed two more dogs lying side by side across the road. We both knew then that something was really wrong. Three dead dogs in the same vicinity is not natural, but a purposeful cruel act.

The driver first said that they were probably shot. However, as we passed back by, we could see the face and mouth of one dog and how his body seemed contorted from pain. We both immediately knew the cause of death….poisoned.

I immediately called the Murfreesboro Police Department and they transferred me to the Sheriff’s Office. Hertford County Animal Control responded and bagged each dog.

What has become of this case I do not know. I would like to think it’s not over or forgotten, even though to some it’s not high priority I’m sure.

But I can promise this…..if I should catch wind of the guilty party, I will report what I hear. Remember, people love to brag and talk, and my ears will be open. This person needs to be held accountable!

If you are low-life enough to inflict such torture to a helpless animal, then you are surely capable of doing harm to a human being. So for those that may come in contact with this low life….think long and hard before turning your back to them because they cannot have a conscience.

My heart hurts for all the cruelty that innocent creatures are put through because of our so-called “superiority” in the animal kingdom.

I am trying to accept the fact that I can’t save every animal, but that will never discourage me from trying. If I happen to see an animal that is mistreated or has improper care, I will report your address to the proper authorities….even if it’s someone from outside of Hertford County; I do not discriminate.

When it comes to the death of those three dogs, I hope the guilty party(s) gets what’s coming to them.

Sheryl Parker Cooke